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Wondering what VOIP services could do for your business? With VOIP, take advantage of all that modern broadband connectivity and security have to offer as well as a number of assistive functions. And, take your business communications to the next level!

The Added Functionality of VOIP Services for Business

Traditional phone lines make and receive calls, but they don’t leave functionality for much else. As VOIP utilizes the internect for connectivity and security, this allows these types of phone systems much more functionality. Thus, allowing for a number of added advantages for business owners who choose VOIP phone lines or phone systems for their businesses. Check out some of the functions that come with choosing VOIP for business communications. And, determine if adding these features to your business capabilities would be worth the switch.

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call with VOIP due to call forwarding. With this feature, you never have to worry about missing phone calls, or opportunities to convert calls into sales. With VOIP, you can set up call forwarding to handle calls that you can’t answer. If your line doesn’t pick up, the call’s forwarded to the number you’ve chosen; either an automated assistant or another line. This way, you can be sure to never miss out on a lead. And, to offer the suburb customer service your customer base expects.

Call Recording

Call recording is a useful function for many businesses to have. Essentially, call recording allows you to record calls made to and from your VOIP phone number. With VOIP, you can set up call recording on as little or many lines as you want. And, use your mobile or desktop app to easily record, find, and listen to calls.


Set up your voicemail to take an unlimited number of messages. And, customize your greeting for each VOIP line you have! Or, set a single voice greeting for all of your VOIP phone lines. Plus, check your voicemail anytime you want – even on the go. This means staying connected with your business voice mailbox even when you’re away from the office!

Business Text Messaging

With the cloud VOIP, you can set your business line up right from your smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. But, what’s mobility without text messaging? VOIP phone lines allow you to make and receive text messages from your business phone lines. This means that you can begin texting on your business number, right on your mobile device, or even your computer.

Unlimited Extensions

Need different phone numbers for different reasons? Your employees may require their own phone numbers. With VOIP business phone systems, you can dedicate as many extensions as you’d like. Thus, keeping the business phone number your customers know while also allowing for access to individuals within your business.

Utilize the Benefits of VOIP Service for Your Business

Take advantage of the benefits VOIP can bring to your business today. Check out some of the business VOIP phone systems available from Brytecall. Or, find out if a cloud-based system is more right for your needs.

Have questions about VOIP phone numbers or systems? Ask the experts at Brytecall today by writing us on our website or giving us a call at (305) 999-0911.