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Technology today makes communication more convenient than it has ever been. But, one piece of technology that’s still completely relevant in the communication realm is the telephone. Phone calls are still one of the best ways to get information, sell products, and help current consumers by offering support. However, that doesn’t mean that the telephone hasn’t advanced over the years. While phones were originally designed to make and receive calls from a single location, they’re now in every person’s pocket – being transported everywhere we go. And, offer even more methods of communication using text messages, video calling, and more. With all these advancements, it’s important that small businesses offer all these methods of communication for clients. One of the ways to do so is to invest in a VOIP phone system for small business that meets all business communication needs.

Why Should Small Businesses Consider VOIP Phone Systems?

A VOIP phone system is one that utilizes the internet for connection. This allows for a number of customizable features that help businesses stay connected with current and potential customers. Some of the features VOIP offers small business include:

  • Call recording
  • Easily add/remove extensions
  • Dial by extension calling
  • Voicemail to email
  • SMS to/from your business number
  • Audio conferencing
  • And more

Along with the features listed above, VOIP systems allow for these features all on one platform. This makes it easy to set up, customize to your needs, and budget for phone pricing. Finally, rather than traditional telephone systems that use copper wiring to send and receive phone calls, VOIP uses the internet. Thus, saving thousands on setup and maintenance costs which are then passed onto you as the customer. This makes making and receiving calls less costly, even for international calls. Therefore, giving businesses all the updated features they need to run business efficiently without costing them a fortune.

Some Other Benefits of a VOIP Phone System for Small Business

While features, customizability, and cost are all great reasons to consider a VOIP phone system for small business, there are even more benefits to choosing a VOIP system over a landline. These benefits give small businesses the ability to keep up with consumer needs while continuing to run business without the traditional landline drawbacks.

Some other benefits of VOIP systems that assist small businesses with serving their customer bases and assisting employees to better do their jobs include:

Mobility: With a VOIP system, you can set your business phone numbers on mobile devices. This means you can answer business phone calls remotely, transfer calls, text message, and more right from your mobile device. Thus, giving your business complete, on-the-go mobility.

Simple Pricing: With a VOIP phone system from BryteCall, pricing for a VOIP system is simple without any hassles of contracts. From $24 a month, each user gets unlimited calls to the US and Canada with full access to all the features!

Great Support: With a VOIP system from BryteCall, small businesses don’t ever have to worry about not having the support they need! From start to finish, we’ll help you set up your phone system and answer any questions you may have along the way. Plus, we’re always available after set up for any technical support or questions!

Get a VOIP Phone System for Your Small Business from BryteCall

Want all the features and advantages of a VOIP phone system for your small business? Don’t want a contract, hidden fees, or lack of support? Choose BryteCall for your business communication needs! Learn more about our phones, pricing, and features right on our website. And, give us a call to get started with your new phone system today at (305) 999-0911.