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Call centers rely on telecommunications to provide customer support, sell products and services, and communicate between departments. So, telecommunications is something that call center businesses need to sincerely consider when it comes to operating efficient and effective business processes. Recently, many call center businesses have started seeing the benefits of switching to VoIP for their telecommunication needs as it can save time, money, and provide them with all of the useful features they need and rely upon. But, what call center telephone systems that utilize VoIP service should these types of businesses consider?

What is a VoIP Call Center Telephone System?

Traditionally, call centers use landline-connected telephones to both make and receive calls to their clients and customers. These systems rely on copper wiring that’s connected to telephone polls that allow for data to transfer from one system to another. However, with these outdated systems come outdated issues including costly maintenance fees, lengthy and frustrating setup processes, and high service charges. But, with the introduction of VoIP telecommunication services, more and more call centers are switching to this upgraded type of calling service.

A VoIP call center telephone system is one that uses a broadband internet connection, rather than traditional phone lines, to make and receive calls. This allows for a number of advantages and overcomes the typical issues that come with traditional telephone systems and services. Plus, allows call centers to continue operating their telecommunication systems the way they want using the features they already know and depend upon.

Some Benefits of Using VoIP for Call Centers

So, why are call centers switching to VoIP? With all the benefits that VoIP services have to offer these specific types of businesses that depend on telecommunications to run properly, it’s easy to see why. Some benefits of VoIP for call centers include:

Cost Savings: Since VoIP uses the internet rather than copper wiring to send data, it’s much less expensive to operate. Therefore, VoIP services are often much more affordable than traditional phone services available to call centers. This allows for call centers to cut down on the cost of overhead, save money, and invest these funds elsewhere. Along with lower costing monthly service than traditional phone services, VoIP doesn’t require some of the other fees associated with traditional telephone services. These costs can include setup fees, hardware updates, and ongoing maintenance costs. So, for many, the savings alone is enough of a benefit to switch over to VoIP for their call center telecommunication needs.

Improved Customer Service: Call centers are adopting VoIP systems as they can easily integrate with nearly any type of communication effort their customers want to use. This means that VoIP can integrate with email, text messaging, conference calling, and more! Thus, allowing your call center to be able to help your current customers with any issues or questions they may have using any of the means of communication they feel comfortable with, providing a better and more vast customer service experience.

Efficient Features: Switching to VoIP doesn’t have to mean eliminating telecommunication features that call centers already utilize. In fact, it can mean operating using even more advanced features than traditional phone services offer. Some of the VoIP call center telephone features to consider include business text messaging, conference calling, call recording, caller ID, unlimited extensions, parked calls, custom greetings, do not disturb settings, call transferring, and much more! With most VoIP services, including Brytecall, plans include various business calling features. And, the ones that aren’t included can be added to your plan for a low monthly fee!

Getting Started with VoIP Call Center Telephone Solutions

Want to know more about how VoIP can improve your call center business? Find out more about our pricing, available VoIP phone systems, and more right from our website today.