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VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, refers to phone lines and systems that utilize internet broadband connection rather than traditional phone lines to make and receive calls. This allows for a number of advantages for businesses that haven’t been available before this technology. Find out if a VOIP business phone system is right for your business so you can take advantage of the benefits of this revolutionary technology for yourself.

VOIP Means All the Capabilities the Internet Allows

When a business uses VOIP phone lines and systems, it’s taking advantage of using the internet to make and receive phone calls. This provides a number of benefits, as broadband internet connection provides functionality and security that traditional landlines simply don’t. This means a reduction in lost calls, secure and unlimited data storage, useful phone applications, mobile calling, business texting, and much more! So, if you’re looking for a business phone option that does more than the standard and increases business productivity and communication, a VOIP business phone system may be right for your business.

The Benefits of VOIP for Business

VOIP phone systems provide a number of benefits that specifically assist businesses who utilize them. Some of these benefits include:

Cost Savings: VOIP services are often less expensive than traditional phone lines and providers. This is because using broadband internet to send data relieves the need for copper wiring and other materials required for traditional phone lines. Thus, allowing for less costly calls, even on an international scale. Furthermore, VOIP phone lines can be set up for use on mobile devices. Therefore, saving costs on phone equipment, IT professional assistance, and maintenance.

Mobility: As mentioned, VOIP phone lines can be set up for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This means taking your business phone calls from wherever you need. Thus, allowing for 100% mobility, which is great for businesses with remote employees, who travel often, or have other needs for portability.

Security: Unlike traditional phone lines, VOIP uses a broadband internet connection to send and receive data. This calls for an encryption protocol that ensures the secure transmission of data. This means that VOIP is more secure than traditional telephone lines, giving you the ease of mind knowing that your data is safe!

Productiveness: With VOIP, you don’t have to worry about missing leads by missing phone calls, even if they’re after hours. VOIP allows you to set up call forwarding. This means that if someone calls you and you’re not around to pick up or you’re busy, the call is automatically forwarded to another line of your choice. Furthermore, you can even set up automated assistance that answers and directs calls after hours when you and your employees aren’t available to answer the phone. Thus, boosting business productivity and allowing your business to take full advantage of every single opportunity.

Functionality: VOIP business phone systems and VOIP numbers allow for multiple functions that make conducting business easier and more efficient. Check out all the features of VOIP phone systems and phone lines that include business text messaging, call forwarding, call recording, personalized greetings, and more!

Is aVOIP Business Phone System Right for You?

Want to take advantage of all that VOIP has to offer for business? Check out the business phone systems available for purchase through Brytecall. Or, learn about the cloud-based phone systems that give you business mobility!

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