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Are you tired of the drawbacks of phone service contracts? Whether it’s your business or personal phone lines, being stuck in a contract definitely has its flaws. But, no contract VoIP service providers are going above and beyond to provide not only exemplary connection but phone services without all the hassles of a contract. So, why choose a VoIP provider that offers no-contract service? Find out about all of the benefits you could be taking advantage of today!

Some Disadvantages of Contracted Business Phone Services

When you choose to sign annual contracts for business telecommunication services, you’re signing yourself up for a whole year or even more drawbacks. But, what exactly are the disadvantages of contractual business phone solutions that you should be aware of?

Negotiation Isn’t in Favor of the Business in Need of Telecommunications

When it comes to settling on a contract, the business owner that needs phone services is almost always at a disadvantage. With contracts, there are many things you may wish to negotiate, such as warranties of phone products, IT services, and data protection, and indemnity. However, with contracted services, once you sign on that dotted line, you’re stuck with whatever that agreement says. And, even if you do try to negotiate, phone service companies that offer contractual services almost never change their services as their contracts are meant to be the same for every customer, even if customer needs and wants may vary.

Don’t Be Surprised if You Get Slapped by Unknown Fees

All too often, people who sign a contract with a phone service company will get their bill and it’s higher than the price they negotiated for. That’s because the price the company will initially tell you about doesn’t include all the hidden fees. But, because they’re contractual agreements, businesses who choose contracted services are stuck with these fees.

Don’t Expect the Greatest Service or Support

Before you sign a contract for phone services, you’re likely to be promised great quality service and support. But, once you sign that contract, you may not be getting all that was initially promised to you. That’s because once you sign, you’re stuck in that contract. So, there’s nothing you can really do to get out of it. This means you may likely experience a decrease in quality and consistency (dropped calls, poor quality calls, bad connection, etc.). And, when these issues happen, you may find that the support isn’t as quality as what was promised at first as well. That’s because no contract company is going to go out of their way to appease a customer who’s stuck being a customer!

Benefits of Choosing a VoIP Services Providers With No Contracts

Now that you know the disadvantages of choosing a provider that offers contractual services, you may be wondering about the advantages of a no-contract option. VoIP service providers, like Brytecall Business Voice Solutions, who offer no-contract service allow you to take advantage of all the benefits that not signing a contract allows for including:

Having Your Say: Without signing a contract, a no-contract phone service has to keep you as a customer. This means going above and beyond to keep you happy. So, if ever there is anything to go wrong with the quality of your phones, service, or calling, support will be there for you to fix the issue.

Customized Solutions: Contracts are one-size-fits-all. But, you don’t necessarily need all the fixings that other businesses need or even use. So, no contract phone service provider can allow you to pick and choose the features and solutions you will really need instead of bundling them together for you to pay higher prices with a contract.

Weigh Your Options: One of the most obvious benefits of not having a contract for your business voice solutions is that you’re not tied down to one company. So, after your service is up, you’re free to weigh your options and go with another provider without having to be stuck in a contract with a service you’re not really happy with!

Get a No Contract VoIP Solution from Brytecall Business Voice Solutions

Think that no-contract services are the way to go for your business? Whether you run a large company or have a small business, Brytecall Business Voice Solutions can set you up with a customized solution that’s perfect for your needs – without the hassle of a contract!