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Many businesses are beginning to notice and utilize the many benefits of VoIP for their business telecommunications. VoIP allows for versatile functionality, easy use and setup, a wide variety of functions, and clear and dependable connectivity with each call. It allows businesses to more easily connect with who they need to, both employees and customers, in a simpler and more trustworthy way. However, with an uptick in users of VoIP, there comes a downside. The number of hackers to these systems is increasing. As VoIP uses the internet to send data, this data can be intercepted by hackers who use this information to their own advantage. But, how can owners and operators of VoIP systems know that they’re being hacked? And, what can one do to ensure that their VoIP system isn’t hacked again?

Fortunately, there are some signs that point to a hacked VoIP system. This can let you know that it may be time to switch VoIP providers so that you are using a more secure network. Some of the signs of a hacked VoIP system can include:

Numbers You Don’t Recognize in the Call Log

Have you seen caller identifications or numbers in your call log that you don’t recognize? This may be a sign that your VoIP system is hacked. Another sign is if the calls that you’re receiving are from different regions, this could be a sign of hacking. Fortunately, with VoIP, you can regulate the calls going into your systems to be from specific geographical locations, including only accepting calls from certain area codes. But, if you don’t have these regulations set on your system and aren’t sure of whether or not there are irregular calls in your log, you can look for other signs of fraudulent activity with other signs of hacking.

Spam Antivirus Voicemails, Messages, and Popups

Another sign of system hacking is spam messages about viruses. These are usually sent through the VoIP system to the device you’re using the VoIP on. So, when you go to your VoIP app, you may notice fake antivirus messages that aren’t true about your system. It’s important NOT to click on these messages as they are spam and can lead to stealing additional data from your system. And, if you’re noticing these messages, you need to contact your VoIP provider right away so they can take care of the issue and ensure the safety of your data.

Higher VoIP Phone Bills

Notice that your VoIP bill is just getting higher and higher? This may be a sign that your system has been hacked by fraudulent users. Specifically, if this has happened and you haven’t made any changes to your activity or features. This happens because when hackers get your information, they can use your VoIP system. And, make calls, whether internationally or nationally, that can rack up your phone bill. One way to make sure that this isn’t happening is to monitor your phone log and check for irregular activity. And, if you do notice it happening, to contact your provider to ask about removing charges.

Get a VoIP Provider You Can Trust

Are you tired of dealing with spam and fraudulent activity with your VoIP system? It may be time to switch to a VoIP provider that you can trust. Brytecall Business Voice Solutions uses anti-hacking software to ensure the safety of all of our VoIP clients and their data. This ensures that fraud won’t affect our users. To learn more about our VoIP services and switch to a plan that works for you on all of your devices with our easy-to-install systems and software, contact us today.