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Cloud phone systems are phone systems that utilize the internet to store data. These systems allow for operative business phone operations as they promote ease of use, helpful assistance features, and more. Find out if a Cloud Phone System from Brytecall is the right phone system choice for you and your business.

What’s a Cloud Phone System?

Essentially, the “cloud” is a term for using the internet’s unlimited storage and connection rather than using hardware. As cloud-based phone systems use the internet for connection, this allows for a number of benefits including advanced features, no bulky phone systems or messy wires, and mobile connectivity and compatibility.

The Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

With a cloud phone system, you can run your business phone lines right on your internet-compatible devices. This means more mobility as you can answer anywhere you are. Plus, you don’t have to worry about investing in any hardware or tripping over phone wires – cloud-based phone systems work on the tablets, smartphones, or desktop computers you and your employees already own!

Further, when you choose Brytecall for your cloud-based business phone system, setup is a breeze. Simply download the mobile or desktop app on your internet-compatible device, choose your VOIP phone number, and get going! That means no need to pay an IT person to set up or even manage your phone systems. Thus, saving you money even more.

Cloud Phone System Features

Choosing a cloud phone system doesn’t just come with all the advantages of mobile compatibility and internet connectivity, it also comes with a number of assistive and modern features.

Brytecall cloud phone systems include features such as:

  • on-the-go voicemail; check your voicemail from multiple lines from anywhere you are
  • unlimited numbers and extensions; have your whole team answering and receiving both calls and text messages right from their internet compatible devices
  • optional auto attendant; forward calls to an auto attendant when you can’t answer
  • customizable greetings with call forwarding to extensions
  • business text messaging; upgrade from just business calls to including text messaging to and from your business phone lines
Choosing Brytecall for your Business Cloud Phone System

Need business lines and want to take advantage of all that cloud-based phone systems have to offer? Brytecall offers cloud-based phone system plans for every type and size of business. Stay connected to your employees and customers with:

  • business phone line texting from your VOIP phone numbers on a cloud phone system
  • top-rated support whenever you need it
  • easy to set up and manage desktop, tablet, and mobile cloud phone system apps

Get started with your cloud phone system from Brytecall today. Have questions about what a cloud phone system can do for your business? Contact us or give us a call at (305) 999-0911.