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Your business phone number is something that every potential customer or client of your business will use. Whether it’s to set up a service, purchase a product, or contact your customer service department, most customers want an easy way to contact the businesses they utilize. So, choosing a business phone number is an important task. Find out what you should be considering as a business owner when it comes to choosing your phone number.

What to Consider When Choosing a Number for Your Business

When you’re choosing a business number for telecommunications, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, you need to consider where your business is located and determine whether or not you want a local number or one that’s more globally convenient. To determine this, consider whether most of your clients and potential customers are local or from all over the world. For example, if your customers are based within your local country, a local number may suit your business best. But, if you have customers from all over the globe, you may want to offer an international number.

What if You Already Have a Business Phone Number?

One thing that’s important to consider is whether or not you already have a business phone number. If so, you might not want to adjust it. When you change a business number that was already in existence, people who have already been using your number may not be able to reach you as easily. Instead of changing the number you have, you can always add more. For example, adding business numbers for specific departments. So, unless you are starting a new business, it may be a good idea to just keep the business number current customers may already know and use.

Choosing a Type of Phone Number Based on Your Geographical Location

There are different types of business phone numbers to help businesses offer numbers that may be more convenient to the location of their customers. Some of the types of business phone numbers to consider based on a business’ geographic location include:

Local Phone Numbers: These numbers include area codes, which are the first three digits of the number, that are specific to geographical locations. Typically, large cities and even counties will have their very own area codes. So, if you’re a business that offers location-specific services, a local business number may be a good option. Furthermore, if you have more than one location, it may be good to consider a local business phone number for each location with a different area code that you serve, so phone calls can be directed to the right business location without having to utilize any operator.

Nationwide Numbers: These numbers, unlike local phone numbers, aren’t specific to particular geographical locations. So, if your business provides products or services to everyone in your country, this type of number may work best for your needs.

International Numbers: Rather than making international customers pay high fees to call your business, an international number allows customers from all over the world to reach your business at low costs. This means that, if your business caters to people all over the world, an international number may be something you want to consider.

Use All the Numbers You Want With VoIP Business Phone Solutions

Want to offer customers all over the world a way to contact your business? Need to use more than one business phone number? Do you need to connect to business phone systems you already have in place? VoIP business solutions can do all that and more, including utilizing the business phone features you already know and love.

Additionally, if you already have a business phone number and you don’t want to get rid of it, VoIP makes switching easy. You can keep the number you have but still take advantage of all the benefits of VoIP phone solutions! To learn more about switching to VoIP for your business telecommunication needs, learn more on our website.