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Not sure what to say on your business voicemail greeting? There are certain things you should include in your greeting. And, other things you should keep out of these short introductions to your business. If you’re having trouble creating a voicemail greeting for your business or as an employee of a business, there are some things you can keep in mind to create a greeting that’s both personal and professional.

The Importance of a Good Business Voicemail Greeting

When a potential customer or even a current customer gets your voicemail, it’s important that they feel heard and that their call will be returned. Voicemail greetings are a great way to ensure customers that their concerns are not only being addressed but that they’ll be kept in contact with to resolve any questions or concerns they may have. It’s important to have a professional voicemail message so that current and future customers retain an interest in your business services or products. And, that they understand that, while you would answer the phone if you were available, that the cause for their call won’t go unaddressed.

The Need for Different Business Voicemail Greetings

Surely, one business voicemail message doesn’t cover all business circumstances. Sure, there should be a typical, traditional voicemail message that customers are addressed with after business hours. This message should provide information about when a customer can receive a call back so they are aware that their concerns will be addressed shortly.

However, you may want to consider changing your business voicemail when you’re out of town. This will help to provide information to your clients about how long to expect them for you to be gone. And, to give them a timeline on when to expect you back so they can know when to expect an answer to their questions. Or, determine whether or not they should reach out to someone else in your company for support. It’s important to understand that changing your business voicemail greeting may be necessary to keep open lines of communication and clear expectations between you and your business clients.

What to Add on to Your Business Voicemail Greetings

Now that you understand the importance of keeping your business voicemail greetings current and when you might want to change them up, it’s important to know what to add. And, what not to add in these messages. Certainly, there are some things you can include to make your greeting more personal and professional. But, there are also things you can avoid putting in these messages in order for them to work as best as possible to provide your customers with the information they need.

Some things to consider when making your business voicemail greeting include:

  • information about who you are, what your job description is, and the department you work in
  • information about hours you are available to take calls
  • apologizing for the inconvenience of not being able to answer the phone
  • encouraging the customer to leave a detailed message
  • providing a timeline of when the customer can expect a callback
  • offering alternatives to reaching other departments or employees within the company for support if the need is urgent

Some things to consider leaving out of your voicemail message may include:

  • detailed messages that are longer than 30 seconds
  • unintentionally disinterested sayings like ‘we understand the importance of your call’
  • details that customers may not need or want to hear

Investing in a Phone System With Customizable Voicemail Options

Don’t have a phone that gives you the option to customize your business voicemail greetings? VoIP options, like the service available from Brytecall Business Voice Solutions, give users features including customizable voicemail greetings so that these messages can be adapted and adjusted to your professional needs. Find out more about our VoIP features right from our website.