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Does your business utilize text messages? If not, you may be missing out on a number of benefits your business could be taking advantage of right now. Find out why many people are switching their business phone solutions to VoIP so they can utilize the benefits of business text messaging and other helpful features.

Here are some reasons to consider business SMS for your business:

1. It can Save You and Your Employees Time

Text messaging for business can save you time, which saves your business money! SMS for business can be set up for auto-responses, which allows potential customers to get the answers they’re looking for without you and your employees having to spend time talking on the phone. Plus, they can be used to send potential clients to the right person, saving you or your employees time in finding and forwarding leads or current customers to the right department. Finally, not every answer requires a long phone call! Text messages can be useful to give your potential and current customers the information they require without wasting precious time chatting.

2. They’re Simple and Easy to Use

Text messaging for business is simple and easy in more than just one way. They’re easy to send, simple to set up for a business, and even quicker to learn for new employees. Finally, with texting set up with a VoIP provider like Brytecall, they’re even simple to manage. Just use your VoIP platform right on your mobile or desktop device to view, review, and send text messages to anyone you’d like in a matter of moments.

3. A More Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns like email blasts and newsletters will only get read by a fraction of your business leads. But, studies show that people open and read text messages from businesses almost every time. Some even state that business text message open rates are close to 98%! So, if you’re looking for a new and efficient way to market to potential clients and customers, business text messaging may be the first place you want to start.

4. Get Quick and Easy to Access Feedback

Getting feedback from consumers about your products or services is crucial to keeping customers long-term. And, improving customer satisfaction so your business not only does well but stays doing well. Business texting can improve the timeliness and efficiency of your feedback process. Rather than having your customers fill out surveys (which they may never get to), texting is a quick and simple way to get people’s opinions right away. Therefore, if you want to get better and more feedback, business text messaging can help.

5. Improve Your Customer Experience

Clients and customers want to feel heard by the people they do business with. And, texting can help them feel better heard, understood, and satisfied. Giving consumers a quick and simple way to reach out to support through text messaging improves customer satisfaction as they can avoid the hassle of waiting on hold, finding the right department to talk to, and even holding a live conversation with an individual at your business. Improve your overall customer experience by implementing SMS for business today.

Getting Business Text Messaging by Switching to VoIP

VoIP business phone services from Brytecall Business Voice Solutions allow you to implement all the telephone features you know and love. But, it also allows you to implement business texting as well! Switching to VoIP offers businesses a number of benefits, and SMS is one of the biggest and most influential features that a business can have!

Learn more about switching to a VoIP provider right on our website and get your free, no-obligation quote today!