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Wondering how you can make your business more sustainable so that your impact on the Earth is less than it is now? While there are many business sustainability strategies that help businesses to ‘go green’, many may not think of switching phone providers as one of them. However, there are many benefits to choosing a VoIP business phone system, including its lessened impact on the environment and sustainability.

VoIP Business Phones and Services Cut Down on Unnecessary Resources

All of the equipment and wiring used in traditional phone systems for business usually ends up in one place; the landfill. With VoIP phone systems and services, there is no need for extra, bulky equipment or wiring all throughout your office. Since VoIP can work on phones and equipment you already have, this not only saves you money but saves the planet in the long run by cutting down on waste.

Aside from waste from telephone systems and wiring, VoIP solutions also save on thrown-out hard drives. Traditional business phone systems require hard drives to save data. However, once these hard drives are filled with data or need to be routinely updated, they also end up in landfills. VoIP systems utilize cloud storage for all data, which is essentially the internet’s endless storage capability. Therefore, there is no need to ever purchase (or throw out) telephone hard drives ever again when you switch to VoIP.

VoIP Helps Reduce Paper Waste

Traditional telecommunication systems like fax machines use paper to both send and receive messages. However, there are VoIP fax solutions that allow you to send internet documents via VoIP, or the internet, which completely omits the need to use paper resources. Cutting down on paper use is one of the best business sustainability strategies available. With all the trees being cut down each year, if we work to use less paper and convert to digital resources, we can help to save our planet’s natural ecosystems and environment.

VoIP Cuts Emissions by Allowing More Remote Work

Driving to and from work every day allows for pollution to be released into the air from our carbon emissions vehicles. But, with more businesses allowing employees to work from home using VoIP solutions, these businesses are doing their part to increase sustainability. With VoIP, your employees can utilize their own cellular, tablet, or even desktop computer devices to make and receive phone calls, send business text messages, and much more without ever having to come to the office. Therefore, drastically reducing the severity of a businesses’ ‘carbon footprint’ and helping to sustain the environment.

Switching to VoIP to Utilize These Business Sustainability Strategies

The business sustainability strategies that VoIP offers are hard to pass up if you are concerned about the negative impacts your business may have on the world as a whole. So, if you’re wanting to be a better business by helping to sustain the world’s environment and reduce our carbon impact on the world, switching to VoIP is a step in the right direction.

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